Chief Accountant Officer Para Chinar got stay order from PHC

The Chief Accountant Officer BS 16 got stay order against the transfer order of another person who was assigned the duties of Chief Accountant Officer Para Chinar Kurram. 


The contention of the petitioner was that there is no post of BS 17 in Para Chinar Kurram agency while the respondent is BS 17 and assigned the duties of BS 16. The FATA secretariat did not implemented the Judgment of the Honourable Peshawar High Court which was to transfer the respondent to a suitable place where he can work on an administrative post.


Mr. Kakakhel argued that the petitioner was neither party to the previous writ petition which was filed by the respondent nor the court ordered to place him on the said post. The court ordered status quo and ordered to place the case before a bench presided by the Honourable Chief Justice Peshawar High Court.

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